I have my own comfortable apartment, with 24-hour care, where my friends and family are always welcome.

— Lee Peng

Moving into a different lifestyle, with a large group of strangers isn’t easy for anyone. Chesterbrook’s welcoming atmosphere made that transition a lot easier for me. Very soon those strangers began to be friends and Chesterbrook became home.

— Ruth Bathe Resident since 2010

All of the staff are committed to making us feel like whole people. They are all dedicated to making us happy. We are small enough so everyone can get to know each other here. We then learn to care for each other.

— Hamilton Brown Resident since 2011

I have an apartment that looks out into the park behind the community, and it’s so lovely during all four seasons. I also really enjoy our trips to the Smithsonian, the National Gallery of Art, the Arboretum, Mt. Vernon, and many other places. We’ve even made trips to the mountains. It’s wonderful!

— Marjorie Lohre Resident since 2008

I approached Chesterbrook because I was looking for a safe place for my mom. A place where she could still live independently with the assistance that she needed. I found that in Chesterbook. During our first visit we knew this was the place for her.
After moving mom in, I noticed how it was really like a big family. The directors, office staff, nurses, maintenance personnel, and the dining servers all knew her name within a month. The staff at Chesterbrook even makes me feel like I’m family too!
My mom is happy, secure, and lively! Thank you Chesterbrook – don’t change a thing!

— Teresa Smiroldo, Daughter of Rose Dofflemyer

You can find happy times here, because there is always a multitude of varied activities and trips.

— Earl Mitchell

One thing I like the most about living here at Chesterbrook is the feeling of security. Although I miss my old friends, I love the new friends I have made here. The staff is fantastic, they are all so considerate, friendly and really show that they care. They make sure to keep everything clean, well maintained and the food is delicious!

— Diane Parr

It is a small place and that means that everyone is able to be seen. It is comfortable and just the right amount of people. I think the staff is marvelous from my observation it seems like a beautiful balance, everyone knows their place and are happy to be here.

I feel very at home, comfortable and part of the organization. Because it is not a very big facility no one is left behind and it is like a big happy family. I enjoy the amount of freedom we have because we all can move around comfortably. You just feel a part of the community.

I am very happy and there are many reasons for that. Chesterbrook is pleasant, clean, uncrowded, the staff is very helpful and there is simply no problem. We are like a big happy family.

— Lee Sausele

I’ve been here since May 2016, and although I was not happy at first, when I got to meet the people, we all get along so well. There are so many people that just need a friend. I like being able to help people and be there for them as a friend because they are just so nice. The whole staff here can be a real friend to the residents as well and really make them feel comfortable. We’re all just happy. When people’s families aren’t around it is a perfect place for them. You can’t go to a more pleasant and relaxing place as you get older. We are all friends here and we have so much in common.

— Kathy Charles

Chesterbrook is the definition of home … from the staff to the residents it is a wonderful place for my mom to live.

— Carol Sopp, Daughter of Janet Boname