TSO Life

Introducing TSOLife:

Technology designed to enrich the lives of our residents!

two men playing chessWe are committed to enhancing residents’ lives, which is why we are thrilled to partner with TSOLife to leverage technology to deliver purpose-driven programming and individualized resident experiences. TSOLife is a first-of-its-kind resident insights platform that helps our team put resident knowledge into action.

We begin with one-on-one interviews to gain a deeper understanding of each resident. Information is collected in a digital profile and used to connect residents to what is meaningful to them – including favorite activities, residents with similar interests, and even reminders when their favorite sports team plays!

From personal preferences to hobbies and activities, each person’s interests are unique. We get to know each person on an individual level and use these insights to create a fulfilling life at Chesterbrook Residences.


Our Shared Mission

intersecting circlesAt Chesterbrook Residences, we strive to understand people and connect them to what they find most meaningful at every stage of life. This commitment is enhanced through our partnership with TSOLife. Chesterbrook Residences and TSOLife believe that meaningful conversations help develop connections, providing the best experiences and highest quality of life possible.


How it Works

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In addition to filling out the necessary documents needed upon move-in, your loved one will have a one-on-one conversation with a care team member that will be recorded using the secure TSOLife mobile app. We learn more about your loved one’s interests, preferences, and hobbies to ensure an enriching experience at Chesterbrook Residences.

Recording the conversation not only allows us to be fully present and engaged, it also helps avoid missing any important—and sometimes subtle—details. Information is converted into a secure digital profile for your loved one that helps us to plan unique, meaningful experiences, including introductions to residents with similar interests.


Tailored Experiences for Personalized Care, Events & Activities

The introductory conversation helps our team gain a deeper understanding of each resident and their background. Staff members turn those personal insights into better care and tailored activities.

  • Actionable Insights: Creating personalized, purposeful interactions

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    Do the things you love.

TSOLife provides Actionable Resident Insights to create personalized touch-points between staff and residents. These can take the form of reminders on who to thank on Veteran’s Day, congratulating residents on a favorite sports team win, important dates for anniversaries or somber occasions, and more. Caregivers use these insights to enjoy deeper conversations with a resident whether it’s their first day or their fourth year at Chesterbrook Residences.

  • Resident Matching: Providing opportunities for meaningful friendships

We believe in the power of relationships and creating a place where everyone feels included. TSOLife recommends who residents are most likely to become friends with based on interests, hobbies, places lived, favorite teams, and more. Our team uses this information to encourage connections around shared interests.

  • Activities with a Purpose: Offering something for everyone

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    Enjoy favorite activities with new friends!

TSOLife enables our team to plan programming that appeals to all residents. The useful “Inclusion Score” reflects how many residents are likely to attend specific events on our calendar. This helps us ensure there is something for everyone!  We are also able to see which residents are matched to each activity, so we can recruit outgoing residents to personally encourage their neighbors to participate.


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Enhancing Quality of Life: Quantifying our Mission

Most importantly, TSOLife allows us to measure our success in improving our residents’ quality of life by tracking their participation and engagement, as well as their responses to questions related to creativity, friendships, learning, leisure time, how they view their lives, and how they view themselves. These questions are asked during move-in and again every six months to give us the most up-to-date data.

TSOLife’s Quality of Life assessments are backed by a researched, validated scale and processed by a therapist to ensure accuracy. Quality of Life scores are then used to tailor your loved one’s experience and help us provide a fulfilling, enriching lifestyle.

See how TSOLife and Chesterbrook Residences make the senior living experience an extraordinary one when you or a loved one joins our communityContact us to learn more.