We at Chesterbrook are gearing up for our annual fundraiser, The Chesterbrook Gala.

The Chesterbrook Gala (formerly The Harvest Ball) will take place on Saturday, October 17 from 6-9:00pm. We need assistance from current volunteers to ensure the Gala runs smoothly. Many have already signed up to volunteer and we ask those that have yet to do so to please consider helping us with this most important event. We need volunteers for the following positions:

  • Paparazzi – we’re asking volunteers to act as paparazzi and photograph guests and residents.
  • Bartenders – pour wine/soda/water for guests.
  • Resident assistants – assist residents in finding seating, getting food and help remove any walkers/wheelchairs.

You need to be a current volunteer and have completed our volunteer training to help. If you want to become a new volunteer, please visit the Volunteer page on this website to submit an application.

Existing volunteers send an email to sellis at cri-va.org (substitute the “@” sign for the word “at”) to let her know that you want to help.