What's the news across the nation? Chesterbrook residents keep up with the latest. - Chesterbrook Residences

What’s the news across the nation? Chesterbrook residents keep up with the latest.

Current Events Club MeetingOn any Wednesday at 10:30, proceed downstairs and walk down the hall to the Multi-Purpose room. There you will find the Current Events club, led by Kent: which has been meeting for three years. Important events drawn from the headlines are discussed. Recently, eight residents were present: Marge, Jim, Florence, Mary Elizabeth, Hamilton, Audrey, Barbara and Vera.

The events discussed that day were:

  • Israeli Election: Netanyahu still Prime Minister
  • Nuclear negotiations with Iran wrapping up
  • ObamaCare in Depth

Kent selects the topics, presents information and asks questions to stimulate discussion. As in any discussion, there are different types of people. Hamilton, Audrey and Vera are observers/listeners who digest and chew on what they hear. Barbara is a questioner/inquisitor who shoots out questions rapid fire like a machine gun. Jim and Marge are the skeptics who think the leaders are the problems. And Florence and Mary Elizabeth are analytical, bringing up apropos observations and suggestions.

While the residents’ opinions varied widely on the many topics that were discussed, the discussion was inclusive and allowed all to calmly express their views. Here is a question asked about the Israeli election and a sample of the discussion that followed:

What will the result mean for U.S.-Israel relations?

A: Why do their neighbors want to wipe them out?
B: It’s like cowboys and Indians.
C: Arabs hating the Jews.
A: Why do the Arabs and Jews hate each other so much?
D: It’s been going on for so long.
E: It’s like the English and the Irish. The English would not let the Irish get educated, took away their trees and books.
C: Relations with Israel will improve after Obama departs.

Here is a question asked about the nuclear negotiations with Iran wrapping up and a sample of the discussion that followed:

Is there any agreement with Iran that’s good?

A: Why can’t they let people believe what they want to believe?
B: There have been religious, racial, ethnic conflicts throughout history.
B: ISIS interprets some events happening today portend the end of the world and want to facilitate this happening.
C: If we get rid of John Kerry, things would improve. Kerry wants to be president.
D: He tried once.
B: Netanyahu says don’t do any agreement with Iran. You can’t trust Iran.
C: I kind of agree with that.
B: No agreement means that Iran will continue to develop nuclear weapons.
B: Economic sanctions have hurt Iran.
A: Can we put on more sanctions?
B: Iran has agreed to negotiate with us due to the sanctions. If they had nuclear weapons, they could end the existence of Israel.

So bring your thinking caps and come to the Multi-Purpose Room every Wednesday at 10:30 to enjoy a lively discussion of Current Events!

– Report contributed by Lee Cooper