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Choosing an Assisted Living Community and How Chesterbrook Residences Compares

The Assisted Living Federation of America (AFLA) offers some helpful advice on its website for individuals and families considering an assisted living community. As the AFLA article says, "The choice to move into a senior living community is as individual as the person making the decision." The AFLA article goes on to enumerate things to look for and consider in making this choice.

Chesterbrook Residences has prepared this useful table to compare its services and features with those that are typical in many other communities.

Chesterbrook Residences Competition
Licensed Nurses in the building around the clock Nurses on call
Medication supervised by a licensed nurse Medication administered by a medicine aide–NOT supervised by a nurse
Uncomplicated all inclusive pricing Many extra charges
No additional fee for medication administration A la carte pricing
Specialized diets prepared at no extra cost Extra charges for specialized diets
Rehabilitation Services available 5 days a week offering Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, most of which are covered by Medicare Part B Average availability 2 days a week
On-site Wellness Center consisting of visiting physicians, as well as a podiatrist All have visiting doctors and most do not have an on-site Wellness Center
Separate staff for nursing, dining and housekeeping "Universal" staff
Three meals a day prepared on site by a chef Some outsourced prepared meals and only offer limited choices
Private apartment with full kitchenette Private apartments are more expensive; less expensive shared rooms for unrelated double occupancy; no kitchenette
Affordable rates