Easter Egg Hunt at Chesterbrook Residences April 2009 - Chesterbrook Residences

Easter Egg Hunt at Chesterbrook Residences April 2009

On Saturday, April 11, 2009, Chesterbrook Residences held its first community wide Easter Egg Hunt.  Due to the muddy waters from the rain, most events were held inside…starting off with the Egg Hunt, children, great-grandchildren and friends dispersed all over the living room area, also known as the lobby…winners of the Golden & Silver eggs received a special prize.

Another special surprise, the Easter Bunny himself! with his assistant, the Carrot, surprised and brought smiles to everyone, giving out goodies to all.  The Duck Pond gave kids an opportunity to win even more prizes-including porcupine eggs, bubbles, and marshmallows.  Meanwhile, older kids enjoyed a competetive sport: the Egg Toss, on the patio.  Several eggs cracked and broke, luckily no one got stained or stenched.  The Cupcake Decorating Contest took place in the Country Kitchen where adults and children alike decorated and tasted cupcakes…while they were busy downstairs, a few residents decided to continue the Egg Hunt in the lobby, just to make sure all the hidden eggs had been found.

Of course no Chesterbrook event is complete without Libby, a family pet that visits us occassionally.  Residents are always happy to see Libby and her owners, Mary Elizabeth and Jim Parrot, daughter and son-in-law of resident, Marge Lohre.

Back up in the living room area things wrapped up with Bunny, Bunny, Hop-a game similar to duck duck goose, but the catch is there is no running, ah,you guessed it, hop-hop-hop!

Good times!