Knit n' Stitch Group at Chesterbrook - Chesterbrook Residences

Knit n’ Stitch Group at Chesterbrook

This is the Knit n’Stitch Group at Chesterbrook Residences.  The ladies get together Monday afternoons in the Multi-Purpose Room and knit.  We got in touch with Bethany House last summer and in the fall we took quilts, baby blankets, hats, and mittens the ladies made to the Bethany House (battered women’s and children’s center).  We hope to continue our relationship with  Bethany House.  Another project the Knit n’Stitch ladies have taken on is making hats for African babies (a lot die due to the temperature lost through the head).  This is a wonderful project.  Anyone can help by donating 4 ply wool, or coming in to chat and knit on Monday afternoons at 2pm.

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